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Retirement Planning & Pensions

We think of pensions as:

  • A way to earmark as ‘untouchable’ investments for providing you with income and capital in retirement.
  • A way to hold these investments which is tax efficient.
  • As a way to provide a fund for dependants in the event of premature death before retirement.
  • A way for business owners to gradually ‘salt away’ profits to their retirement fund which is not dependent on the sale value of their business at retirement.
  • As a vehicle for those fortunate enough to retire with substantial incomes assets to pass assets on to grandchildren in a particularly tax efficient manner.
  • As one of several ways – ISAs, buy-to-let properties, capital formation in your business – to build a retirement income fund, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Thoughtfully used, pensions are a great way to save and build a retirement income fund, alone and as a supplement to other sources.

Advance Financial Planning - Paddy Kerwin