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We believe investors are entitled to the level of market returns appropriate to their appetites for investment risk, timescales and other considerations.

Our approach is to agree with you why you wish to invest and how much it is appropriate for you to save and invest. We then determine a target, diversified portfolio by following these steps:

  • We measure and agree your attitude to investment risk. Where do you stand on a scale from ultra cautious to very adventurous, and what level of expected return do you wish to receive?
  • We recommend an appropriate portfolio profile by asset class – equities, fixed interest, property and cash – and market – developed, Far East and Emerging  – to match your expected returns, attitude to risk and timeframe.
  • We agree the balance of income and capital growth you need.
  • We choose with you the funds which are most likely to achieve the returns you expect from their asset class and market – from low cost ‘tracker’ and ‘actively managed’ funds.
  • We agree with you the most tax efficient way to hold your investments consistent with the ease of access and convenience you require.

At all stages, we will make sure you understand the process and reasons behind choices.

Advance Financial Planning - Paddy Kerwin