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Our Services

We provide simple practical solutions for:

  • Personal, family and business protection with life, income protection and critical illness plans to ‘cover off’ these risks in an affordable manner based on a comprehensive range of insurers.
  • Pension and retirement planning using pension plans, individual savings accounts (ISAs) and a range of other investments.
  • Income for when you retire using annuities, income drawdown plans, ISAs and other investments.
  • Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning – we aim to ensure your assets are – where practical and possible – passed to your family free of inheritance tax.
  • Investment Planning – we ensure your invested assets work to meet your goals for income and capital protection.

In addition, we give financial advice:

  • As ‘one off’ practical solutions, and/or
  • As an on-going service. The aim of Lifetime Financial Planning is to continuously check whether you need to make changes to deal with new circumstances and meet your goals. This can be done annually, more frequently, or as required.
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