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About Us

Hello! My name is Paddy Kerwin and I run Advance Financial Planning (South West) Ltd. We are independent financial advisors, working in beautiful surroundings on the edge of Dartmoor.

Our clients are people like you

We work with people from all walks of life – the self-employed, employees, company directors and the retired – facing financial challenges that might benefit from professional, impartial advice:

  • We make sure they have sensible plans to provide affordable retirement incomes.
  • We ensure their invested assets are working hard to provide capital growth, sustainable incomes, and – whenever possible – are protected from inheritance tax.
  • We prepare practical and affordable insurance plans to protect families and business from the financial difficulties caused by life’s unexpected tragedies, such as premature death and loss of income as a result of illness or accident.

We work with you to find practical solutions

We take the time to talk to you to get a clear picture of your financial circumstances, identify your aspirations and what you can afford.

  • For you, this may involve several meetings to discuss your circumstances and hopes for the future. All in complete confidence.
  • We then set out the choices available to you and research the whole of the market to find simple and cost effective solutions.
  • Finally, we help you choose. We check these plans meet your goals, aspirations and – of course – that they are affordable.

Judge by the results

Firstly, we give you peace of mind. Your family and business will have appropriate, affordable financial protection, perhaps a practical plan for providing a retirement income, or an investment portfolio better shaped to your needs.

Secondly, try to achieve your goals in as tax efficiently as possible, with more of your money in your pockets and a bit less in the taxman’s!

Finally, we will agree with you a regular review schedule for your investments, pensions and protection insurance to ensure you stay ahead of the game.

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